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Bentrup regulators

TC 700 serie
TC 700Introducing the new TC700 series from Bentrup combining a new concept of fully intuitive user interface with the latest technology available. The high resolution display provides operators with process state in one view.
Features include a status line displaying output states, USB-Operation, www connection, etc. Up to 99 programmes are available with options to assign user defined names.

TC700 controllers log all process data continuously with a Real-Time-Clock-Stamp in CSV-Format. Enjoy adjusting values: see them change by circling your finger over the virtual dial.

Integrated 3 zone option pushes kilns to 3 zones with minimal efforts, 6 controls zones on board. PM3 module for actual power measurement & acquisition for up to 3 zones including logging and Email alerts on defined deviations.

TC705: Ceramic type profile: 4 segments firing curve entirely shown on the display including set points making operation as easy as possible and actually input errors impossible at the most extend of this expression.

TC707: additionally fully flexible program profile, real time launching programmes (ie. kiln on temperature for early shift at 5:30), default data link (Bluetooth)

The regulators above are a small part of the full Bentrup program.

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