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Clay press

AP-5 manual clay press

This is an easily operated, simple but ingenious pice of equipment for potters for the fast and easy extrusion of clay coils, disks, tubes, and clay moulds with holes. The instrument can be bolted to either a wall or a bench. Filling the extruder barrel with clay, with a smooth downwards pressure on the lever, clay can be extruded through the die plate at the bottom of the barrel.

The barrel is cylinder-like, which allows a wide range of variety in shapes and assortment in sizes. The locking cap at the bottom of the barrel makes the change of the die plated easy and simple. The thick die plate allows the smooth and tight extrusion. The barrel and other metal parts are galvanized, therefore they will not rust, preventing this way the clay from getting dirty.

Basic die set:

  • 1 pc die plate (with 5 pcs rounded holes)
  • 1 pc die plate (with 5 pcs arched and squared holes)
  • 2 pcs dividers for die plates
  • 1 pc blank die plate for your own designs
  • 1 pc adjustable tube-drawing die plate


Dimensions of barrel ΓΈ 108 x 300 mm
Capacity ~ 5 kg / barrel