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Square top loader

Ceramic kiln - Pottery kiln

Model: square top loader.

These pottery kilns are manufactured in stainless steel and built from high-quality insulation bricks backed with a compressed insulation layer.

  • This kiln has four feet. The ZL 48 de ZL 56 can be fitted with wheels, making them easier to move around. The brick lid opens away from you.
  • The square top loader is eminently suitable for firing dolls and painted porcelain.
    All kilns are supplied with a safety circuit, lead with plug and socket for one of our

The following dimensions are the most popular and standard. If your type of work requires a different dimension, we will be pleased to make this modification for you.

Type Inside measures cm. Power Voltage Amps
B D H kW Volt Ampère
ZL 48 40 40 30 3.4 230 16
ZL 56 40 40 35 3.4 230 16
ZL 80 40 40 50 6.6 230/400 3 * 10
ZL 96 40 40 60 9 230/400 3 * 14

The standard temperature for this kiln is 1300ºC

All our kilns can be fitted with a controller of your choice
We can provide every kiln with kiln furniture.