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Bentrup regulators

TC 405 or TC 405/30?

Which model is the most suitable for you depends mainly upon the required firing curve. The firing curve of the TC405 (and of course TC605) includes a programme delay, two adjustable heating ramps and dwells and a controlled cooling.

The TC405/30 provides more: Up to 30 (!) ramps each followed by a dwell can be sequenced for any shape of firing curve. Multiple heat-up, dwell and cooling are no problem at all.

Additional functions for the professionals: very slow ramps (down to 0.2ÂșC per hour), automatic control e.g. of cooling dampers (EVENT), direct manual control of the programme, up to 84 programmes and many more. Therefore the TC405/30 has became the standard for complex applications in laboratories, glass processing, etc.

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