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Bentrup regulators

The TC 75/95 are the brand new, ultra-compact controllers:
The TC75 for ceramic applications and the TC95 for fully flexible temperature profiles, including in glass and laboratory applications. Both devices exceed the usual functionality and user-friendliness in this device class.
Both TC75/TC95 devices are SuperWise ready, allowing you to easily monitor all baking processes on your smartphone or tablet on the go.

Compact temperature controller for wall mounting, suitable for all types of ovens and processes. Simultaneous reading of important process values, easy operation via intuitive, modern GUI.

• Contrasting LED display
• 6 programmes with 4 segments each
• Ready for SuperWise.


Our TC95 features the same functionality as the TC75, but also has an innovative graphical interface. First and only from Bentrup in this device class.

• Large 2.8" TFT display
• 20 programmes and 20 segments
• Temperature measurement changes colour for instant recognition of anomalies
• Ready for SuperWise.


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