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Bentrup regulators

TC 505

  • All values of the firing curve can be changed easily and simpler.
  • Range of values covers all applications for the ceramic.
  • 30 firing curves can be saved as programmes.
  • All values of interest can be displayed without interrupting the firing process.
  • Optional multizone operation, all values and channels are shown automatically.
  • Highest comfort in operation and entering values.

TC 507

  • As TC 505, but enabling full flexibility of the firing curve shape.
  • Up to 99 segments can be entered as you like enabling multiple heat up / dwell / cooling processes.
  • Ramps can be entered as °C/h or time simultanously.
  • Manual process control feature, multiple events etc.
  • Up to 99 firing curves can be saved as programmes.
  • The TC 507 succeeds the TC 405/30 and therefore is destined to be the standard in thermal glass processing.